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I first met Karen three years ago when I hadn’t been to the gym in years and felt out of shape. Although I was slow to start Karen worked with me to develop a programme that I enjoyed and that would stretch me, working at my pace. Over time my confidence has increased and I’ve improved my fitness so much. Karen pushes me much more now - I can see the results and I know I can do it! She brings her sense of humour to the gym as well and I really enjoy training with her. The hard work has really paid off - it’s brilliant ! Debbie

As a gym beginner and workout novice, Karen’s educational and highly informative approach addressed all my questions and insecurities about developing sustainable personal fitness from the start. One on one sessions and personal workout plans that could be practiced at home as well as in the gym, structured with short, medium and long term fitness targets all tailored to my personal abilities, my physique and specific fitness goals with regular ‘back to basics’ as well as more advanced programmes over time. Running over distance was a key focus for overall health and shape, to a low key competitive level and the ability to keep weight off, look good, enjoy life and feel great. Karen’s friendly and information based approach enabled me to reshape myself, maintain stamina, gain muscle and lose some pounds all while understanding how the exercises and training worked and which muscle groups to address. Balancing physical training with sensible nutritional hints can pay dividends and Karen was on hand to point the way as well as instruct. I went from 34 to 31” waist with little difficulty, over a very managed time span, but also became highly motivated to sustain my new found fitness, adding confidence and trying new things. Karen gave me all the skills needed to manage my fitness even when moving overseas, but remains on hand for the best advice and we still get together to run and smash those miles when possible. Best personal trainer out there!

Karen’s approach to training is to work with her clients, listening to what their goals are and developing workouts that will suit individual needs. Over the last three years Karen has been training me she has constantly challenged me and has focused on key areas that I want to target. She has changed my routine over time as I’ve improved and has always made it fun to work out even when It gets really tough ! The results have shown - it’s hard work but worth the effort ! Deborah

Karen’s gym is a perfect size for one2one training, she has a wide variety of equipment so the workouts would NEVER be the same. The gym has a lovely feel to it and all the up to date functional equipment.

I would consider myself to be fairly fit and Karen designed a workout that really challenged me. In which I ended flat out on the floor after. Which is just what I wanted. 😄 Callum Personal Trainer

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